Position: Test associate - Vehicle Testing
Work Location: Hosur Plant
Date Posted: 26 Feb 2022
Closing Date: 26 Apr 2023
Why the role exist?
To execute the DVP tests as per the DFMEA for the various new projects in pipe line and requires to be completed in parallel. Those projects are getting delayed timeline as there is no replacement has given for the attrition in past years (Mr Senthilvel, Mr Tamilkumaran & Mr Kanmani (transferred to 2 EV project)).
What unique value it will be delivered?
Time line of delivery of Test results can be met for the PACE idea projects, 3W on road EV tests, OBD II projects, High Power engine projects, current NPD design iteration projects etc.
Routine work like failure information report preparation, failure analysis, routine performance, enviromental & durability testing will be delivered more from this new comer so that expert can focus more on accelerated testing.

1. Execute the various on road durabiity tests like highway, city & rural etc with respective drivers, shift supervisors.
2. Execute the instrumentation & conduct the performance test like acceleration, coast down, fuel consumption, vibration test etc.
3. Execute the environmental test like water wading test, dynamic rain shower test, mud clogging test, summer test etc.
4. Execute the instrumentation & conduct the cold start / hot start test, various Accelerated Field Trials etc.
5. Understanding of failure mechanism & prepare the Failure information report based on data collected by various supervisors of on road durability testing / failed parts.
6. Analyse the data collected in glyph works as mentioned above and prepare the test report.
7. Validating the design iterated part on durability test vehicle and release the action effectiveness report.
8. Preparation of consolidated report with various dash board data.

Candidates must possess atleast a Engineering/equivalent.
Atleast 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Preferably Junior Level/Management.Job role in .
1 Full Time/equivalent position(s) available.