Position: Sourcing & Development Engineer
Work Location: Hosur Plant
Date Posted: 05 Oct 2021
Closing Date: 05 Dec 2022
Effectively manage suppliers of specific KEFA for QCDD of parts and suppliers performance

Qualification of suppliers as per SPS audit, closure of NCs and sustenance in line with TVS - BMW audit requirements.
Development of parts as per milestones based on agreed SOB / BBF and build phase requirements defined by BMW.
Make or Buy & Source selection sign off for mass production
Understand BMW standards (GS, QV, TPQS etc.), and its commercial implications. Implementation of BMW requirements (LH, SRS etc.) after assessing the Q&D impact with necessary internal approvals
Documentation of DR checklists for DR reviews and closure.
Monitor & review the contractual & regulatory requirements compliance (homologation, COP, COO,QS, EMS, OHSAS, PCB, IMDS etc.)
Monitor & review and alignment of purchase KPI with overall project
Achieving Quality performance KPIs - Rejections/ QZS/ QZF/ Aesthetics for supplier parts
Monitor & conduct Q&D performance of suppliers identified by BMW & TVS jointly. Update the progress in EC meetings.
Communication & confirmation of annual volume (CBU, CKD & SPW) to the suppliers with detailed BOM matrix. Debottleneck capacity for supplier parts to meet the annual volume with necessary approvals from TVS & BMW (as required)
Warranty sign off with suppliers inline with contractual requirements between BMW & TVSM - with Supplier. Coordination with Legal team on closure points
Containing material cost & fixed cost as per budget.
Monitor & implementation of cost reduction ideas as per annual target.
"Change management (mGAMS).
1) Agreement on feasibility and implementation plan
2) Commercial closure between supplier & TVS
3) Commercial closure between TVS & BMW
4) Quarterly amendment of CRs in vehicle pricing"
Bridge the gaps among BMW, TVS & Supplier drawing with physical parts through end to end mapping.
Preparation & alignment of TC / EC slides across stakeholders on monthly & quarterly basis
Obtaining management approvals on budgetary requirements (capex, revex & material cost)
Preparation of MPCP, Roll out & adhering to month wise targets, gap analysis and action plan.
Supply chain crisis management - RM, Force Majeure, Supplier financial & IR health

Candidates must possess atleast a Engineering/equivalent.
Atleast 8.00 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Preferably Middle Level/Management.Job role in .
6 Full Time/equivalent position(s) available.